Yu Yutopia Available In Ready Stock for New Year Surprise Only In Yu Authorised Dealer Idris Electronics Raipur

Yu Yutopia will be offering Metal body, find out more specs


In the world of smartphones, there are many contenders to claim the crown of power. But none are truly worthy. Because no one can fathom absolute, true power.

Armour-like strength fused within the contours of a sleek, futuristic machine, Yutopia’s elegant yet powerful design is borne of an alloy of Aluminium and Magnesium that is also used in airplanes.

Crafted from aircraft grade Aluminium, Yutopia is 90% stronger than the polycarbonate/sandpaper heroes of the smartphone world, making it a phone you would not want to mess with.

Seamless integration of the antenna bands into the metal body gives you an experience of the Yutopian power of design.

Ground-breaking in every way, Yutopia manages to stay true to YU’s design philosophy by sporting the consistent Saturn Rings, 3 element key, seamless, ergonomic design and everything inherent to YU.

With the most powerful components to have ever been assembled inside one smartphone, Yutopia is nothing short of a technological marvel. Better, faster and stronger in every aspect than any of its competitors.

Sporting all the latest sensors like G-sensor, L-sensor, P-sensor, 6-axis Gyroscope, Electronic compass and Barometer, Yutopia gives an ultra-smooth experience to its users.

Explore a new dimension of audio nirvana with dynamic volume leveling, automatic bass management and multiple filter types, all aimed at maximizing audio performance.

Backed by the largest open source Android developer community, Cyanogen OS 12.1 gives you an unparalleled control over your smartphone.


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