LG G5 : Coming Soon Only In LG Authorised Dealer Idris Electronics Raipur


LG has created some great phones over the years but it hasn’t had any headline hits when it comes to design.

LG wants to keep the removable battery option on its flagship phones, and it seems for the LG G5 the company may have found a way to do it while keeping a full metal unibody design.

According to a new render from CNET Korea, which (admittedly) is based on an eyewitness testimony from someone who has seen a prototype, LG will include a removable flap at the bottom of the G5 so you can pop out the battery.

It would work in a similar way to a SIM card tray, in that you can pop it out with a little tool from the bottom of the phone.

The LG G4 was the only major flagship phone that kept a removable battery after the Samsung Galaxy S6 dropped it.

LG has already confirmed to techradar that the press conference it’s holding at Mobile World Congress in February will see the introduction of the next flagship phone.

Let’s just hope LG has sorted its design out for the LG G5 and we don’t have to put up with any more leather backs.


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