Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Specifications and Features

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Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Available Only In Samsung Authorized Dealer Idris Electronics Raipur

The Galaxy S21 is a lovely piece of hardware, especially in the Phantom Violet and rose gold color. My wife and daughters have commented on it a few times and it definitely appeals to them. The smaller size is also attractive to people looking for a smaller size phone that is easy to handle and place in your pocket.

One significant difference in the design between the S21 and the S21 Ultra is the back material. Both have matte finishes, but the S21 is composed of plastic instead of Gorilla Glass Victus. I have zero concerns with the use of plastic given it is more likely to survive a drop. Many people also put their phone in a case so the material of the back is of little concern. The fact that matte finishes are used is more important since there are no fingerprints that appear when you hold and use the phone.

The Super AMOLED display is gorgeous and the 120 Hz adaptive display provides a flawless display experience. The S21 is slightly different than the S21 Ultra with display refresh ranges between 48 and 120 Hz on the S21 and 10 to 120 Hz on the Ultra. I was unable to see any differences in my time with both devices.

Another display difference that may appeal to some people is the display is flat on the S21 while it is slightly curved on the S21 Ultra. The curvature on the S21 Ultra is less than on previous Samsung phones and I never experienced any inadvertent screen activations. Screen protectors for flat glass panels also tend to stay lint-free along the edges and are usually easier to apply.

The volume and power/Bixby buttons are on the right side. The USB-C port, second speaker, and microphone are on the bottom. The front-facing 10MP camera is centered on the front of the display, very close to the top of the display. It’s a very small hole-punch camera that is barely noticeable on the S21.

There are three cameras on the back of the S21 with solid results from each. There is clearly a difference in the zoom capability between the S21 and the S21 Ultra, as shown in my image gallery contained in the S21 Ultra review and in various other camera comparison articles and videos on the internet.

Wi-Fi 6E support is included in the S21, but I wasn’t able to test this out since I do not have access to a 6E network. It’s great to have as it provides some future-proofing to Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone. UWB is also present and offers a bit of future-proofing since we are just starting to see applications for UWB technology.


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