Apple iPhone 11 Pro delivers big performance in a compact package

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The iPhone 11 Pro is Apple’s latest iPhone that has people asking us “What’s really changed?” It’s a fair question because it looks very similar to last year’s iPhone. But use the new cameras for a few minutes and both that question and inquisitive looks from doubters quickly fade.

Good news: the iPhone 11 Pro has the best low-light camera we’ve tested on a phone – any phone. Apple brightens with the best of them and its night mode is automatically applied, topping Samsung, Huawei and Google’s interfaces.

So much of the iPhone 11 Pro is about the camera, but there’s a bit more. We found battery life noticeably better than the iPhone XS – we’ve gone longer than a day with heavy use. You don’t need the Pro Max for its battery prowess. Its matte finish back cover looks nicer and feels less slippery, though it won’t wow as much if you immediately stick an iPhone 11 Pro case on it (which we do recommend).

Welcome to what’s basically the iPhone 11 Pro camera review – we’re going to talk a lot about the four cameras and show you plenty of photos from each lens.

It’s fascinating to see how far along HDR has progressed when you snap a photo with the front-facing iPhone 11 Pro camera. It’s 12MP (up from 7MP) and packs in a lot of detail. It could be brighter and we felt the need to tone down the warm colors at times when editing our pictures, but overall, this is an impressive upgrade.

The iPhone 11 Pro isn’t here to wow you with an incredibly different design; it looks nearly identical to the iPhone XS before it and the iPhone X before that.

Even with the unchanged 5.8-inch screen size, the iPhone 11 Pro display has been re-worked to be brighter, and it’s noticeable when viewing the phone outdoors in sunny conditions. Its maximum brightness reaches 800 nits with normal content onscreen.

We’ve gone into great detail about iOS 13 features on our explainer page, and a lot of the changes are consistent on the iPhone 11 Pro, save for the extra camera app functionality on the new iPhones.

The iPhone 11 Pro battery consistently lasted us more than a day during our testing, often stretching close to a day and a half, even with heavy use. When enabled, the iOS 13 low-power mode really extends the life of this battery.

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