Nokia faced calls to make Android phones from analysts earlier but it steadfastly refused

Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL:Now Nokia mobile coming soon in IDRIS

nokia xl

Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL — just weeks before it is scheduled to close sale of its phone business to Microsoft.Google and Microsoft are competitors in the smartphone market. This has led to speculation that Nokia X phones may not survive for long. Nokia X phones are developed keeping emerging markets like India in mind. In most of these markets, Android dominates — in India, the market share is around 90% — and Nokia hopes to woo consumers with the Android tag attached to its phones.Nokia is using the open source version of Android, which is free to modify and doesn’t require permission from Google. It is not using Google services like the Google Play store, GMail and YouTube that require permission from Google.Nokia has replaced parts of Android with its own services like Here maps and will ship the phones with its own app store. It also connects to a number ofMicrosoft services like Skype. “The Nokia X takes people to the Microsoft cloud and not the Google cloud. This is very deliberate because with Nokia X family



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