A whole new world of home entertainment – NEOTANK.

Sony Neotank – Mini Hi-Fi System : Available Only In Idris Electronics Raipur


Mini Hi-Fi System


Combining aesthetics and sound, the sleek looking GTK-N1BT is a multi-functional audio system with 2-way set-up. It not only delivers studio-like quality with each note thanks to DSEE Technology, but also allows wireless music playback via Bluetooth® and One-touch listening via NFC.


  • 100W RMS of power with DSEE Technology
  • Wireless Music Playback via Bluetooth® and One-touch listening via NFC
  • Speakers with 10 coloured patterns LED Display
  • Smartphone Control with Sony’s Original “App Remote”
  • 2-way Set-up (Horizontal and Vertical)
  • 5 Music Equalisers (R and B/ ROCK/ POP/ HIP HOP/FLAT)


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