Apple iPad Mini 2 Rumored to launch in March

Apple iPad Mini 2 : Coming Soon Only In Idris Electronics Raipur


Rumour mills are afire with news that Apple is likely to launch next gen Ipad Mini 2 in March, 2013. This following at close quarters of the release of the Ipad 4 and Ipad Mini in the month of October last year.
Speculations suggest that the fifth generation iPad will be thinner and lighter in design similar to the iPad Mini. While the iPad Mini 2 will have the same 7.9-inch LCD display, but with twice as many pixels (2048 x 1536) than its predecessor, an A6X processor, and the same chip used to power the iPad 4.
However, the reliability of these news is however questionable with no official announcements made by APple other than that they were working on the next gen iPad and iPad Mini.
Apple is recognised for it’s frequent iOS updates and next generation releases with some major updates. So, the iPad 5 and iPad Mini would be a must look out for Apple fans.

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