The Galaxy Tab 3 has everything you need to enjoy your multimedia experience!

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Galaxy Tab 3 uses a shell made of glossy plastic. To add some style to the device, Samsung has used plastic that has a very fine pattern under its glossy coating. There is an aluminum frame around the tablet that adds to its sturdiness as well as gives it a premium feel.

The front of the devices has three buttons. The menu and back buttons are touch sensitive and light when you use them. Unlike most other Galaxy devices, back cover on Galaxy Tab 3 can’t be removed. The SIM card and microSD cards fit into two slots provided on the left side of the tablet. The stereo speakers, which are very loud, are on the bottom of the device.

Galaxy Tab 3 has a design that is neat and functional. The rounded edges and a slim profile make holding and using the device effortless.

Tab 3 — with 311 in its name — is different from Tab 3 that has 211 in its name. Unlike the 211 that has a 7-inch screen, the 311 uses an 8-inch screen. The quality of screen is also better. We found the screen on Tab 3 (311) to be very good. It shows rich and deep colours. And though it lacks a FullHD resolution, we found that 1280×800 pixels make the screen sharp enough to display crisp and clear text while web browsing. The viewing angles are fantastic, which means the colours don’t change or shift when you tilt or move your head while using the device.

During outdoor use, Tab 3 screen offers enough brightness to negate the effect of sunlight. Unfortunately, the auto brightness settings are too conservative and you will have to set brightness manually to make the screen more legible if you are using it under sunlight. Tab 3 is powered by a dual-core Exynos processor and 1.5GB RAM. It has multiple Mali 400 chips for graphics related processing. The internal storage is 16GB but users can add a microSD card to expand it. There are two cameras – a 5MP primary camera and a 1.3MP front camera.

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