Ta-Fone A37 with 3G enabled SIM – 7 inch Android ICS Tab, 1GHz, 512 MB RAM

Ta-Fone A37 : Available In Best Deals Only In Idris Electronics Raipur


Karbonn Ta-Fone A37 is the king of all the calling tablet available in the Indian market. Not only it has dual SIM card support but one of the SIM slots is even 3G enabled. Now one can easily connect to high speed internet using the SIM connection .i.e one can do away with all these dongle connectivity hassles. Ta-Fone A34 is the another dual SIM calling tablet from Karbonn but it has only 2G SIM slots. The struggle is ever growing in the Tab arena so companies are hence bound to upgrade as per the coming needs and matching technologies. This is a tricky business as incorporation the new technology asks for more investment and consequently more pricing. So, the manufactures have to read the trends in the market very carefully and strive for steps which keep them ahead, complying by the demands and costings.
Coming back to Ta-Fone, this Tab is a good looking 7 inch Android Tab which runs on the Android’s earlier version which is famously known as ICS to everybody. Dual core processor awaits inside on the board which is cloaked at the speed of 1GHz. 512 MB RAM is a good support from inside. With dual camera and GPS, this piece is one heck of a TabletPC.


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