A76 Canvas fun

idrishColors can be crazy!
Watch colors come alive with the vivid quick response 12.7cm multi-touch screen that adds a whole new visual dimension to your phone!
Fast is fun!
Put life on the fast-track with the 1.2 GHz processor! Enjoy an immersive gaming experience that’s even more exciting with the superior graphics on the A76.
Discover your true colors!
Express yourself better with the Canvas Fun available in three variants: Mystic Blue, Raging Red and Midnight Black!
Capture colorful memories!
Capture all your favorite moments in supreme clarity with its 5MP Fixed Focus camera. Light up the dull moments with its bright flash light and click moments to relive in the times to come.
Delicious Android Jelly Bean 4.2 OS
Unleash the power of the Android operating system with the rich multimedia technology of the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. With an evolved user interface and a faster, more intuitive text input and spell check, the Android Jelly bean brings about enhanced applications and power management. Download all your favorite applications through the preloaded Google play store & let the android experience take over!
Endless Connectivity
Connect to your world, anytime anywhere with the endless connectivity options on the Canvas A76. Transfer files easily with its USB 2.0, share files with friends or talk hands free, all through its Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity. Surf the web faster through Wi-Fi. Live life in the fast lane with its superior 3G connectivity speed upto 7.2Mbps.

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