Apple to release iOS 7 Beta 3 on July 8


Apple will reportedly release the third beta of their W.I.P iOS 7 mobile operating system, to arrive on Monday, July 8.

Apple will reportedly release the iOS 7 Beta 3 OS on Monday, the 8th of July, nicely falling in line with the predicted scores in an older report of ours.

BGR has been informed by trusted sources that iOS 7 beta 3 is currently scheduled to be made available to carriers for testing on July 8th. These are the same sources who accurately foretold the release timing of Apple’s last iOS 7 beta, and just like iOS 7 beta 2, it is likely that the new software will be released to developers on the same day it reaches carriers.

The July 8 release of Beta 3 will be exactly two weeks after the release of iOS 7 Beta 2, which in turn came exactly 2 weeks after the introduction of iOS 7 Beta 1. If Apple sticks to their routine, we should be seeing a Beta 4 on July 22, Beta 5 on August 5, Beta 6 on August 19, Beta 7 on August 19 (which might be the last beta release, and if not then) and perhaps the final Beta 8 on September 2. Mind you, the 2nd of September might also be the launch date of Apple’s iPhone 5S Smartphone, this is just pure speculation at this point.ios BETA

Just like iOS 7 Beta 2 introduced support for iPads, the new Beta 3 release should see a broader release for all of the compatible iOS devices. This includes the iPod and older iPhone models. Any other changes that we might see with the new beta are not known of at the moment.

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