Mi 4A Horizon Edition 32 inch HD Ready LED Smart Android TV available for sale

Mi 4A Horizon Edition 32 inch Smart Android TV Now Available Only at Mi Authorised Dealer Idris Electronics Raipur

With this Mi TV at home, you will find yourself hooked to its large screen, stunning visuals, and powerful audio. Its Horizon display showcases the smallest details and also features a wide viewing angle to create an immersive experience for you and your family. With Mi Quick Wake, you can resume watching your show or movie from where you left off, saving you a lot of time and effort. The TV’s operating system features enhancements that help you navigate across different features and more much more easily, thanks to the delightful interface and simplified controls.

Dynamic and Immersive

This TV features a dynamic design that also ensures that you get to enjoy an immersive experience with each scene on the TV screen.

Horizon Display

Thanks to the Horizon display and wide viewing angle, you can enjoy great detail while watching movies or TV shows. It features pulled-back bezels from each side so that there’s more space on the screen. This way, the TV will be hard to miss.

Simple yet Elegant Visuals

This TV offers simple yet elegant visuals that will please your senses as soon as you switch on the TV. It features tweaked software and hardware features. It also enables screen reader support.

PatchWall Experience

This TV brings you the PatchWall experience that enables you to easily find, sort, and experience various types of content. You can easily sift through interesting content across 23 content partners with this TV. This way, you can always stay entertained.

Simple Operating System

This TV features an operating system that enables you to easily navigate across its various features, enjoy its visual interface, and also experience its simplified controls. It also enables screen reader support. This way, you can enjoy better user experience with this TV.

Mi Quick Wake

With the Mi Quick Wake feature, you can easily and quickly resume your shows from where you left off.

Fluid Entertainment

This TV ensures fluid entertainment every time you switch it on. It runs smoothly even when it has to handle multiple tasks.


This TV features multiple connectivity ports to help you connect various devices to ensure better entertainment.

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