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Realme has come a long way in a very short time with its audio products. The range, now six products strong, includes wired earphones, wireless neckband earphones, and true wireless earbuds. All of these have been launched in just about 18 months. Talking specifically about true wireless earphones, Realme has now launched its third such headset, the Realme Buds Q. At Rs. 1,999, this is the most affordable pair of true wireless earphones from Realme yet, and also the first from the company with an in-canal fit.

I thought the 4.1g weight of each of the Redmi Earbuds S earpieces was impressive, but incredibly enough, Realme has managed to make the Buds Q even lighter. At just 3.6g each, the Realme Buds Q could barely be felt in my ears, and was very comfortable as a result. The in-canal fit and small size of the earphones helped as well, giving them acceptable passive noise isolation and a generally non-bothersome fit.

The earphones have been designed in collaboration with renowned designer Jose Levy. The earphones and charging case both resemble pebbles, and are available in three colour options – black, white, and yellow. I quite liked the understated elegance of the black variant that was sent for review, and I was also pleased with the hint of Realme’s trademark shade of yellow that’s visible on the inside of the included ear tips. The case has a magnetic lid and there’s a Micro-USB port for charging at the back. It’s quite compact, and fits in my pocket easily.

Unlike other budget options, the Realme Buds Q has touch-sensitive controls on each earphone. However, these didn’t work well at all for me. The touch zones are too small, and weren’t easy to locate when I was wearing the earphones. Even when I firmly tapped either zone, it didn’t always respond. It often got to the point where I’d just pick up my smartphone to control playback or to receive calls, and this is a major shortcoming for the Realme Buds Q.

The controls are customisable through the Realme Link app, and you can also invoke the voice assistant on your smartphone or toggle the low-latency gaming mode using these gestures – when they work, of course. The app also lets you see rough battery levels for each of the earphones (in 10-percent increments).

While we usually see some form of status and battery level indicators on either the earphones or the charging case with most budget true wireless options, the Realme Buds Q has none. The only way to know the earbuds are turned on is through audio prompts, and you’ll have to rely on your smartphone to tell you how much power you have left. You’ll only know that the case is out of power when the earphones don’t get fully charged. This isn’t terribly inconvenient, but it is a drawback that comes with the price.

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