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Apple launched the Watch Series 6, successor to last year’s Watch Series 5, on Tuesday. The Watch Series 6 does not stray far from the Watch Series 5, or even the Watch Series 4, when it comes to design with major upgrades coming in the form of an updated, faster silicon and new sensors that will let users track, among other things, their blood oxygen saturation. Apple is also investing in studies to test if blood oxygen can be used to detect people with COVID-19.

Apple says the Watch Series 6 is 26% faster than the previous generation thanks to its new dual core S6 processor which is based on the custom A11 chip that powers the iPhone 11. Always-on functionality that Apple launched last year with the Watch Series 5 is also getting an update in the Watch Series 6 – it is claimed to be two and a half times brighter now. Elsewhere, there are new finishes including (PRODUCT)RED, which is a first for the Apple Watch. Aluminum models are now made of 100% aluminum like the recent MacBook Pro models. There is also a new “Solo” Loop that is made from a single piece of silicone without any buckle.

The Watch Series 6’s headlining fitness tracking feature is its ability to measure blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) – it can do that in just 15 seconds, Apple says. There is also a dedicated blood oxygen app that will allow users to keep track of their data. The other big headline is “improved” sleep tracking. Speaking of which, the Watch Series 6 will run watchOS 7 out-of-the-box. Apart from sleep tracking, watchOS 7 will also bring handwashing detection designed to automatically detect and encourage users to keep washing their hands for full 20 seconds, in addition to reminding them to wash their hands once they get home.

With the Watch Series 6, Apple is also debuting Family Setup, a feature that will allow parents to setup and manage kids’ Watches in case they do not have an iPhone of their own.

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