Realme Band : A good first band, for Realme and for you

Realme Band Now Available Only at Realme Authorised Dealer Idris Electronics Raipur

Realme offers its first fitness tracker in three colors: black, olive green, and yellow. Two metal-colored bars located between the plastic case and strap visually enhance the simple design.

Apart from a quick-start guide and the Band itself, there’s nothing else in the box; this is due to the positive fact that the USB charging port is located directly on the tracker, and, therefore, no additional adapter is necessary. But in order to remove the affected half of the strap, you first have to give the device a strong yank. The strap circumference can be adjusted between 152 and 227 mm; consequently, the fitness band fits thicker arms, but it’s very long for narrow wrists and almost overlaps. The case is IP68 certified and can, therefore, withstand occasional immersion in water. However, realme doesn’t mention it being suitable for swimming and doesn’t offer a swimming program either.

The inexpensive tracker has an optical heart-rate sensor and a three-axis accelerometer, which ensures, among other things, that the display is activated when you lift your arm. Instead of a full touchscreen, the Band only has a touch button at the bottom edge of the display. In addition, a light sensor is missing. However, the energy consumption is overall low so that we left the brightness on the highest level in the test without any noticeable drawbacks; this brightness level wasn’t blinding or unpleasant even indoors. In order to be able to read the LCD in the sun, you need to find a favorable angle and bring it closer into your field of vision, even at the brightest level.

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