Apple iPad (7th Gen) : Value for money tablet

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Any Apple iPad is better than any other tablet you can buy, and for almost anyone the entry-level 10.2-inch Apple iPad offers all the features and speed you’ll need for years to come. With the introduction of Smart Keyboard support, on top of Apple Pencil compatibility, to the basic iPad, there’s little the expensive iPad Pro can do that a regular iPad can’t.

Thanks to an unbeatable selection of outstanding apps, stellar hardware quality, long battery life, and unrivaled customer support, all iPads are great. But the price of the 10.2-inch, 7th-generation iPad is significantly lower than that of earlier models, and it has a larger screen, making it even more appealing and simplifying the decision between this version and the other iPad models. While the sixth-generation iPad already supported the Apple Pencil, the new iPad adds a physical keyboard connector, so it can use the same Smart Keyboard as the 10.5-inch iPad Air. The Air and 7.9-inch iPad mini models have faster processors and work better for some people, and the iPad Pro is worth the extra money if you plan to use your iPad as your main computer, but the 7th-generation iPad represents the best all-around value.

The 7th-generation Apple iPad—the standard, 10.2-inch model that Apple officially calls the “iPad (7th generation)”—is the best all-around tablet for most people. Its combination of performance, features, hardware quality, app selection, and accessories makes it superior to any other company’s tablets, and at its price it offers a better value than almost anything Apple sells. The iPad Air sports a slightly larger and nicer screen, the iPad mini is smaller and easier to hold, and all of Apple’s other iPads run a bit faster, but the regular iPad is good enough for most people.

We think 32 GB of storage is enough for most people, too, especially considering that Apple’s ecosystem encourages you to store your photos and other media in the cloud and to stream your music and videos. But if you plan to use a lot of apps or to store a lot of photos, music, or videos on the iPad itself, it’s worthwhile to spend more (typically $100 more) on the 128 GB version.

The 7th-generation iPad looks and feels almost exactly the same as the 10.5-inch iPad Pro from 2017 or the 3rd-generation iPad Air, but it’s just the slightest bit thicker (0.02 inch). Like both of those models, it supports the first-generation Apple Pencil and the Apple Smart Keyboard. The Smart Keyboard uses Apple’s Smart Connector (the three dots on the left edge of the tablet) to communicate with the iPad, which means the keyboard doesn’t need its own battery and you don’t need to fiddle with Bluetooth to get it working. This is the first time Apple’s cheapest iPad has had the Smart Connector.

Available in space gray with a black bezel, silver with a white bezel, or gold with a white bezel, the tablet has a 10.2-inch 2160×1620 IPS screen. As on previous iPads, the screen has an oleophobic coating that resists fingerprints and makes wiping off skin oil and other grime easy, and the tablet is light enough for an adult to hold comfortably in one hand.

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