Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G First Impressions: Have the Creases of This Fold Been Ironed Out?

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Samsung has succeeded in making a follow-up foldable phone that turns almost everything we hated about the original Galaxy Fold into something great.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is not just a foldable phone. It’s a movement waiting to happen. Samsung’s winning do-over of its first foldable design improves on the original Galaxy Fold in nearly every way. It starts at the new 6.2-inch outer screen and moves on to the 7.6-inch inner display, and every hinge part, notch and crevice in between, delivering a high-end device that for the first time draws a full-size foldable phone from the realm of fantasy to the edge of reality. 

Samsung’s original Galaxy Fold was a bold concept with terrible execution. Besieged by problems and pitfalls at nearly every turn, Samsung had to redesign the device after review models broke in multiple ways, causing the brand to lose distribution partners, drop color options and deliver the foldable device four months late. 

The Z Fold 2 may keep the same shape as the original, but it exudes confidence and competence that the first design lacked — with one exception. our review unit has a bubbled interior screen, which would clearly fall under Samsung’s warranty if a purchased product arrived damaged. The review unit I’ve been using hasn’t experienced any issues.

When I look at the Galaxy Z Fold 2’s large outer display (6.2 inches), sturdy hinge and upleveled multitasking skills, I see a foldable phone striving to define the intersection of smartphone luxury and technical innovation, but with a utility that banishes the suggestion of gimmick. For example, the Z Fold 2 replaced my laptop for 28 hours and did nearly everything I needed, though writing and editing admittedly took longer tapping out on a screen than typing on keyboard squares.

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