iOS 7 is one of those things that you’ll either love, hate, or simply put-up with if you already own an iOS device. Some of us have been waiting for it for a long time. In full honesty, I think I was ready for a change even before Apple announced that there would be an iPad running it. Apple did a good job in polishing it and to keep me as their customer, but 2013 had to be a year of change for me, or else.

Some people hated the previous version of iOS for Apple’s choice in design, but I’ll admit that I actually liked it. As fake as it could be, it did a good job in looking elegant on my book. My biggest problem with the UI was mainly how many steps it took me to do everything, and not really how it looked. If I was watching a video and wanted to turn on Wi-Fi, I had to leave the video, find Settings, enter and then hit the toggle in order to return to my video. Four steps for something so simple was annoying, so there was some serious room for improvement here.

I still struggle with some of the design choices for iOS 7, like the color palette, or the design of certain icons, but the fact that I can switch toggles with a swipe, or get a glimpse of my day with another swipe is priceless. It’s enough of an improvement for me to be willing to put-up with a green phone icon, that’s so green that I sometimes can’t distinguish there’s a phone drawn within.

Now one of the things that struck me the most about iOS 7 is that even though it was simplistic, Apple made a ton of efficient choices in the design. I’m not a fan of how white the stock calendar or music apps are, but the fact that they used all the canvas on the iPhone efficiently is something that I praise. Apple didn’t just remove the stitched leather, but actually add extra functionality to that wasted space. For example, I honestly hated seeing a whole month of dates eating-up all the space of the canvas, and leaving only two lines for my appointments on iOS 6, and now iOS 7 deals with that in a much smarter way. All in all, my impressions of iOS 7 on the iPhone are positive, even if I don’t think the colors will ever grow on me.

The iPad version of iOS 7 in its beta 2 is sadly another story for me. If you saw my hands-on video of it, I’m sure you either found my opinion to be asserted, or you thought that I was too negative and harsh towards a “beta 2″. Surely, a beta is a beta, and nobody should ever judge pre-production software as good or bad, but those of you who found my opinion asserted focused on the point that I was trying to make.

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