Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra : What we like, what we don’t

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra Available Now Only In Samsung Authorised Dealer Idris Electronics Raipur

The most vivid and brightest in a smartphone

The Dynamic AMOLED 2X Infinity-O Display on Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G delivers 1500 nits for a colourful, glare-free view, even in bright daylight. Blue light is significantly reduced to lessen eye strain.

Double the refresh rate for an incredibly smooth view

The 120Hz display on Note20 Ultra 5G makes scrolling silky smooth and touch interactions incredibly responsive, meaning writing with the S Pen feels like you’re using a real pen. It even intelligently detects what you’re doing and automatically shifts the refresh rate, saving on battery life.

Play over 100 Xbox Games on your Galaxy

An epic gaming session that can happen anywhere you want. With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, your favorite Xbox games are available online — and with a controller, you can get the full gaming experience right on your phone. Add in Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi Optimiser to keep you connected fast with low latency.

The fastest processor in the Galaxy

The upgraded processor packs more performance into its chipset. This lets you take advantage of 5G speeds and cloud gaming — without buffering, stuttering or a surprise appearance by that annoying loading wheel.

Store thousands of high resolution photos and videos

With the power of S Pen and 8K video technology, your creativity knows no bounds — including storage. You can hold up to 1.5TB total with up to 512GB built-in and up to 1TB expandable memory via microSD card.

Power to outlast your day

Maxing out at a whopping 4500mAh (typical) battery capacity, Galaxy’s most intelligent battery makes power use more efficient to keep going in to the night. So it gets you through the workday and keeps going way into your late-night fun.

Say ”Hello” to better video calling

Video calling with Google Duo connects faster with more clarity than ever, with Full HD video calling that works across devices. A 5G connection brings you fast data speeds for super clear calls on the go, or you can connect to the fast connection of Wi-Fi 6 with Wi-Fi Optimiser reducing latency.

A second screen experience that doubles the possibilities

Samsung DeX allows you to wirelessly link up to your TV and watch a movie or multitask with several apps via DeX while you catch up with a friend on your phone. You can even turn Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra 5G into a touchpad or use Bixby on your phone for powerful and convenient control.

Point to share — it’s that simple

Sharing files is easy, and faster than ever before, with the addition of advanced spatial awareness technology in the Galaxy Note20 Ultra. Simply pull up the sharing panel and point your phone at your friend’s phone to quickly send them photos and videos.

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