HTC CEO looks to capture 15% of the smartphone market

peter-chou-htcRiding on the success of its latest flagship smartphone, HTC chief executive Peter Chou believes the company can increase its smartphone market share threefold in the near future. The executive noted at a recent shareholder meeting that HTC was able to maintain a 4% share of the market in 2012 with a mediocre product line up, however moving forward Chou is eyeing a 10% to 15% share. According to Focus Taiwan, he pleaded with shareholders to give the company time to stage a comeback in the mobile market. In addition to continued spending on research and development, Chou plans to double down on the company’s effort to further increase HTC’s “brand recognition and loyalty around the world.” Despite the fact that Chou and other top HTC executives recently took pay cuts that averaged more than 50%, the CEO has no plans of finding a new job and still believes he is the best man to lead the company.

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