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Analysts, patent filings and our general gut intuition all point to one thing: Apple AirPods 2 are coming sometime in 2019.

How can we be so sure? The AirPods 2 haven’t yet been officially announced by Cook and Co, but thanks to some trademark and Bluetooth SIG filings, we know they’re close – and they might be radically different than the AirPods you know and love. 

The trademark filings say that the second generation AirPods will be a health and fitness device, in addition to being a pair of true wireless earbuds. That designation is usually reserved for fitness trackers, so it’s interesting that Apple is pursuing it for its earbuds and could integrate nicely with what Apple’s doing with the Apple Watch. 

We have every reason to believe that AirPods 2 are coming in 2019 but, without any official confirmation from the powers that be, that’s just an educated guess. 

That said, there are analysts who have been overseas to Apple’s fabrication facilities and have said that Apple is just about ready to produce units but couldn’t provide an exact date for that to happen.

The best guess we have right now, based on a report from a Barclays analyst, is a late 2019 launch. Very likely that means we’ll see them at Apple’s 2019 WWDC event in June, Apple’s September 2019 iPhone event or, at the very least, at the October 2019 iPad launch event that closes out Apple’s events for the year.]

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