Moto G7 Tipped to Arrive in 4 Models Next Year With G7 Power Being the New Addition to the Lineup

Motorola Moto G7 Power : Now Available Only In Motorola Authorised Dealer – Idris Electronics Raipur

Popular leakster on Twitter, Evan Blass, who goes by the handle @evleaks has lighted that Lenovo, the manufacturer that owns Motorola after it was bought from Google, has a different plan for 2019. This might be due to excessive competition in the smartphone market, but the Chinese manufacturer might be forced to cut the Moto C, Moto X and Moto X lines this year. This just leaves out the Moto G series, which have not have been axed, thankfully.

Lenovo might not be cutting the Moto G series because of their popularity and that the smartphones belonging to this lineup present a blend of affordability paired with performance. However, since Lenovo is reportedly cutting several Moto smartphone lineups, it will mean introducing more models into the fold. We already know that the Moto G7 and the Moto G7 Plus are going to be launching next year, but two more versions are going to be added.

These include the Moto G7 Play and the Moto G7 Power. We believe that just like the other smartphones out there, the device with the term ‘Power’ in its name will belong to the Android One family, and will provide software and security updates for the user in a timely manner.

Sadly, the pricing details of all four smartphones are unknown right now, but as 2019 slowly approaches, we will get to know about the more important details that are lurking in the corner.

The Moto G7 is going to be a successor to the Moto G6 and it is expected to feature a teardrop notch design, along with a very large 6.4-inch IPS LCD screen. The smartphone is also expected to feature a large 3500mAh battery with Quick Charge support, but it is unconfirmed which Snapdragon chipset will the upcoming handset be powered with. We do know that the back of the phone will feature a dual-camera, along with 4GB RAM + 64GB of internal storage for the base variant, hopefully. However, wireless charging will not be a part of the package, but that is not a deal breaker.

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