Google Pixel 3 lite – Full Phone Specifications and Features

Google Pixel 3 lite : Now Available Only In Google Authorised Dealer – Idris Electronics Raipur

Google Pixel 3 Lite has been spotted alongside other flagship phones, from images shared by a Russian website Wylsa. The product, with the codename Pixel Sargo, is visible beside the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, as well as iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone X and the older iPhone

The Pixel 3 Lite model featured in the images is a white colour variant, that features a yellow power button. Against all the iPhones, this becomes more prominent, as the phone also appears slightly larger than iPhone X, iPhone XS which have 5.8-inch displays. Rumours have claimed the Pixel 3 Lite will have a 5.56-inch display, so it remains to be seen how the phone ends up being bigger than the two iPhones.

A yellow power button can be spotted on the right side, above the volume rocker controls. The front sports a visible chin, and a notchless display that holds a single front camera and a receiver microphone at the top.

At the back, one can spot a non-glass back, without the matte finish partition seen on Pixel 3 XL. It features a single rear camera supported by LED flash, like other Pixel phones. Curiously though, the phone comes with a ‘C’ embossed at the bottom, where the Google’s ‘G’ symbol would be expected. Previously leaked images have also shown a C at the back instead of the G.

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