Vivo Y65 review and specifications

Vivo Y65 Available Now In Idris Electronics Authorised Dealer of Vivo Mobiles


Running on 3GB of RAM, the Y65 can handle multi-tasking with ease and efficiency. It’s your ideal smart life companion – you’ll be amazed by its fast smooth performance.

13MP Rear Camera

Y65 boasts a 13MP rear camera, plus a wide range of fun photography modes. Capture life’s most-cherished moments with inspiring clarity, creating memories to last a lifetime.

Smart Screen Flash

Y65’s screen brightens automatically in dark conditions, making your face brighter and clearer for selfies. Even in the dark of night, your beauty shines through.

5.5-Inch Large Display

The 5.5-inch large display offers vivid color and clarity, so you have your own personal cinema in the palm of your hand.

Sleek Brilliant Design

The Y65’s timeless and elegant unibody design delights the eyes, and the curved lines of its ultra-thin 7.5mm body fit comfortably in your hand.

Space for Three Cards

The Y65 is equipped with three card slots giving you more choices and flexibility. Two of the card slots support internet speed of up to 150Mbps, making your connected smart life go even faster. The third slot supports up to 256GB of external memory, allowing you to easily backup all your favorite videos, pictures and music.

Smart Split 3.0

Multi-tasking is easy with the upgraded Smart Split 3.0. If a text message comes in while you’re watching a video, simply click to split the screen in two. You can also simply slide three fingers down the screen to run other applications in split screen mode without pausing your video or interrupting your chatting.

Eye Protection Mode

This special feature filters out blue light to prevent eye strain. Can’t seem to put down that E-book? Got a movie marathon planned? No need to worry with Y65’s Eye Protection Mode.









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