Dear All.. Today we launched Redmi 5, the Compact Powerhouse!

Redmi 5 Coming Soon In Idris Electronics Authorised Dealer of Xiaomi Mobiles

In order to design Redmi 5, we had to make an all-round upgrade to Redmi 4:

(1) Awesome 5.7″ HD+ 18:9 full-screen display, which feels extremely compact and comfortable in your hand

(2) Super powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 octa-core processor. First 400 series processor to have 14nm FINFET technology. Incredible AnTuTu score of 69,628!

(3) 12MP rear camera with large 1.25 µm pixels. These large pixels are usually found on flagship devices, and help improve low light photography

(4) SLIMMEST ever Redmi phone! Only 7.7 mm thin! 11% thinner than Redmi 4

(5) More than one day battery life! Redmi 5 has high capacity 3300 mAh battery. Combined with power efficient 14nm FINFET technology, you get same battery life as Redmi 4, i.e., >1 day

(6) LED Selfie-light

Starting at an honest price of just ₹7999 (2GB+16GB), ₹8999 (3GB+32GB), and ₹10999 (4GB+64GB).

Sleeker, Slimmer, more Powerful!

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