Vivo Launches V5 Plus – The First Device With Dual Front Cameras To Make You Fall In Love With Your Selfies

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Don’t get me wrong, copying what others have done right works in favour of the Vivo V5 Plus. There is an actual sense of premium quality in the device when you first hold it. I am personally a big fan of thin yet densely packed smartphones that feel absolutely solid to hold. Flipping the phone over, you realise the iPhone influence on this phone. It has a protruding camera lens, antenna bands on the top, all design traits from the iPhone 7.

The gold colour unit that I got looks pretty good, and the overall quality of the device feels nice.  I do not usually sideline my iPhone 6 while I review a new device, but the V5 Plus had me reaching for it far less than any other smartphone. After a certain point, I ended up using the iPhone just to pick up calls on my main number, and nothing more.

Vivo V5 Plus does exactly what it says on the tin for the camera. The dual-front camera is capable of catching some truly amazing shots. As someone who does not take a lot of selfies, it was unusual how many times I ended up taking them with this smartphone. Images taken with the ‘bokeh’ effect also turned out to be better than expected, and it was a fun feature to play around with. But its not all perfect as I’ll discuss in the next part of my review.

Personally, I thought the best part about the Vivo V5 Plus was the Funtouch OS 3.0. The main problem I have had with the Android OS in the past is that they look drab, but the Android-based Funtouch brings a vibrancy to the UI. Of course, Vivo’s UI is ‘inspired’ by Apple’s iOS; the square edged icons from Android are replaced by curved icons. Icons like ‘Settings’, ‘Phone’, ‘Clock’, ‘Music’, ‘Calculator’, ‘Recorder’ and ‘Notes’ are designed in the spitting image of iOS. Frankly I don’t think this is such a bad thing.  Coming to performance, the Funtouch OS is very fluid and hasn’t lagged at all.

The 3160 mAh battery on the smartphone might not be the biggest in the market at the moment, but it gets the job done. My usage included calling, messaging, music, videos and photography everyday. V5 Plus easily lasted me one and a half days of use, which is more than enough considering 4G VoLTE was always turned on in this device. The phone will charge from 0-100 per cent in two hours straight.

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