Designed to fit the palm of your hand perfectly, the Nokia 8 is built to take your snapshot game to the next level

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Confused nostalgia. It’s hard to find another way to describe my feeling right now as I sit down to write this Nokia 8 review. For those who don’t know my history, my career covering mobile devices started with a personal blog in 2006 and a Nokia 3250 XpressMusic. For several years, I was Dotsisx (.sisx), a nickname that evokes how much I was involved with the Symbian OS. I reviewed phones, I covered events, I spent hours daily looking for the best apps and games. Even when the first iPhone launched and Android started making waves, I was a Symbian user through and through. It wasn’t until late 2010 when, along with my partner Ricky Cadden, we foresaw the demise of Symbian and Nokia that I moved on to Android. It was an ugly breakup, the kind where dirty laundry gets aired in public and covered by Engadget but where you have so much love left that you’re walking away bitter, knowing you’ve given it your absolute best and that there’s nothing left there for you. The future lies elsewhere.

If you’ve ever come across a Lumia device, the design of the Nokia 8 will feel very familiar to you. The black front glass plate with rounded corners, the way it curves toward the sides of the phones, the metallic borders interspersed with antenna lines, they are all quite reminiscent of the Lumia 925 for me. Sure, the latter doesn’t have a fully metallic back, but the resemblance on the front is a little uncanny. Flip over the Nokia 8 and the vertical lens cluster will evoke memories of the Lumia 800, 920, and 928 among many others. The Lumias were more recognizable due to their bright polycarbonate shells with popping colors, but the essence of the design is still there now.

The feature Nokia stressed on during the introduction of the 8 was its construction from a single piece of aluminum metal. The unibody design looks great and the anodized texture is very pleasing to the touch. If I walk my finger from the side of the phone to the display, I can barely feel where one ends and the other begins. I’ve received several compliments from people about the look and feel of Nokia 8, even in the boring steel (grey) color that I have. I’m sure the navy or orange units would have garnered even more praise and interest.

Beside the earpiece, the top bezel has the Nokia logo and houses the front 13MP camera. You won’t see any other element as the proximity sensor seems to be under the earpiece and the ambient light sensor overlaps with the camera, from my testing. The bottom bezel has the capacitive buttons, in the right order and shape, and a rectangular fingerprint reader. I am not a fan of this sensor placement, preferring the ones on the back. But I’ll give it to Nokia on the speed and accuracy front. It took a long time to teach it each of my thumbs, but once that was done, the Nokia 8 never failed to recognize them in the past month that I’ve been using it. The scanner is also fast and gives a satisfying short vibration when it registers a known fingerprint (two for unknown prints). But if you want to unlock your phone from a total sleep state, it requires a fraction of a second longer than in an app or on the lockscreen, which means that you’ll have to be deliberate about unlocking it and it won’t wake up by mistake if you’re just holding the phone.

The back of the phone has the Nokia logo, certification logos, a “Designed by HMD Global Oy” inscription, and then the camera cluster on the top. It’s raised a little and covered in glass, and houses the dual 13MP cameras, dual-tone LED flash, and laser autofocus. On top of it, you’ll find the second microphone hole. Nokia says there are 3 microphones on the 8, but I can’t see the third one. Odds are it’s embedded in another element.

Long story short: don’t tempt your luck. The Nokia 8 might survive a lot, but if you plan on buying it and don’t want to have mini strokes each time it slips onto the floor, buy a case first. Make sure the case is delivered to you, then go get the Nokia 8.

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