new-features-iOS-7Apple has just announced the release of its new iOS 7 and it promises a range of new features for iPhone and iPad users. At the Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) 2013, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that this is the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of iPhone. This isn’t a farfetched claim considering the list of features incorporated into the new OS platform.

New Design: The new OS comes with an entirely new design for arranging the icons. This OS also has a new control panel which provides easy access to different functions. Design changes have been incorporated in the background patterns but the icon grid and layout still remains the same.

Multitasking: This feature is available even in the previous versions of iOS. The new OS version has updated the multitasking ability of the platform. Based on access history of the users, the apps get updated based on schedule and it will be ready for the user. Moreover, it is also possible to use multiple apps simultaneously.

Control Center: This new features provides easy access to a range of apps and functions. This provides more control to the user with a single swipe of the screen. Essential features like lock screen, WiFi and display settings etc. can be accessed with the help of this control center.

Notification Center: The notification center provides a range of information related to new mail, missed calls and to-do list etc. This is also just a swipe away from the accessibility of the users.

Camera App: The new camera app in the iOS 7 enables better organizing and easy sharing of the captured images. This app comes with a range of new filters that help users make plenty of modifications to the images.

Upgraded Siri: Apple’s trademark voice control app now has a new look, new sound and new capability. The features of Siri are updated to perform more tasks. It can also new use different sources like Bing, Wikipedia and Twitter to answer a query.

These are some of the upgraded features of the iOS 7. Apple has also incorporated many more changes in addition to the ones mentioned above. Apple said that the iOS 7 will be out in the market this fall, which also happens to be the expected release time of the next iPhone.

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