Unlock possibilities with the Z80’s Fingerprint Sensor that lets you link an app to each of your fingers!

The Lava Z80 is covered under the #LavaMoneyBackChallenge

Lava Z80 In Stock AvailabIe In Idris Electronics Raipur Authorised Dealer of Lava Mobiles

Portraits that speak

Click better portraits with dual bokeh

Blur distractions and stay focused on your subject with the bokeh mode on both the front and back cameras. The Lava Z80 comes with an 8MP rear camera with autofocus for sharper portraits, and a 5MP front camera for those perfect selfies.

At your fingertips

Do more with the fingerprint sensor

Unlock your phone in a single move by using the fingerprint sensor. You can even click pictures, encrypt your apps and set shortcuts to different apps using the sensor.

Never slow down

Multitask with 3GB RAM

Whether it’s work or play or both, multitask seamlessly with the Lava Z80’s 3GB RAM. Process a lot more, at the same time and tick off the jobs on your list faster

Always stylish and bold

Elegant piano finish

Its 2.5D curved glass and 3D side strips lend a sleek yet bold finish to the Z80 making it look all the more attractive.

Storehouse of memories

With 16GB internal storage

Click more pictures and download more files because the Lava Z80 comes with 16GB internal storage and upto 64GB expandable memory. So go ahead and fill up on good memories.

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