Apple just announced iOS 7, a new update to their mobile OS that they are calling ‘the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of iPhone.“


As you can see in the image above, iOS 7 brings along new flat iconography along with a complete redesign and general tweaks to features and built-in apps.

There’s a new focus on simplicity, and as such the icons are flat and generally cleaner, while individual Apple apps all got a bit of a facelift to have a “look of precision and a sense of purpose.” Apple’s CEO Tim Cook stated that Apple has sold 600 Million devices running iOS so far, and that they spend 50 percent more time using their iPhones than Android users, with a 97 percent approval rating.


There are still some fancy things around, like the menus use a translucent overlay over the menu, and the weather app shows animated backgrounds based on the weather forecast.

There’s also now a reworked notification center where you can review past notifications as well as current ones, straight from your lockscreen. There’s also now a new ‘Control Center’ that is accessible throughout the platform by swiping up, allowing users to perform basic tasks like set connectivity options, adjust screen brightness, playback controls and more.

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