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You work all day, and play all night. Does your smartphone keep up? ZenFone 3s Max’s magnificent 5000mAh battery lasts through the whole work day and long into your playtime. Work hard and play harder — with ZenFone 3s Max always at your side.

ZenFone 3s Max eliminates battery life worries, with enough power to get you through a full work day, and even beyond! With its high-capacity 5000mAh cell ZenFone 3s Max just keeps on going, with standby that lasts up to 34 days. We all need more time to talk, connect, play and watch without running out of power. We all need ZenFone 3s Max.

You can never have enough battery life — and that’s why ZenFone 3s Max includes five brilliant battery-extending technologies to squeeze even more power out of its 5000mAh cell. Super saving mode smartly adjusts screen brightness and other functions. Furthermore, it closes all network functions to make device have longer standby time. All phone, SMS, and alarm functions work well in this mode. Recommended for long standby times & low battery scenario.

ZenFone 3s Max embodies the core values of industrial design, paring beautiful aesthetics with uncompromising build quality to create an exceptional user experience. ZenFone 3s Max’s contoured (2.5D) glass touch screen is matched around the back by a gently curving rear cover that feels as natural to hold as your grip. That’s because we have considered every aspect of ZenFone 3s Max’s design, from the balanced positioning of the display to the precise alignment of the retaining screws at the bottom.

ZenFone 3s Max has a fabulous 5.2-inch high-definition display for great detail, and intense brightness for easy viewing even under the harsh light conditions with 400nits+ brightness. Indoors or out, everything you view is clear on ZenFone 3s Max. And with a thin 2.15mm bezel and remarkable 75% screen-to-body ratio, it’s more display and less bulk!

ZenFone 3s Max’s front fingerprint sensor is perfectly positioned for the way you hold your phone. It unlocks ZenFone 3s Max in a fraction of a second with its 360 degree finger print recognition ability. You can add up to 5 Fingers finger prints for complete convenience.

ZenFone 3s Max’s 13MP PixelMaster camera that captures beautiful, high-resolution photos with zero shutter lag. The rear-facing 13MP camera takes astounding images, and the 8MP front camera shoots sharp selfies and clear video chats.

PixelMaster is loaded with powerful camera modes to capture every precious moment. The industry-leading HDR mode lets you see clearly through daytime shadow. This expands the dynamic range by four times (4x), and enhances brightness by up to 450%. Super Resolution captures multiple shots simultaneously for a single photograph with stunning 52MP detail. And ZenFone 3s Max’s Low Light mode takes clear and bright photos, even in poor lighting conditions.

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