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A complete specs list leak has seemingly revealed almost everything about the Galaxy Note 8, from the screen to the camera and internal specs. We’re also hearing that while the phone will probably be announced in late August you might not be able to buy it until September 15.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the biggest comeback story in phones following all of the disastrous Galaxy Note 7 battery failures last year.

And now that our Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus reviews are up, we’re focused on what next’s for Samsung’s S Pen-equipped smartphone and its launch date.

It’s fascinating: The Note 7 will go down in smartphone history for all the wrong reasons, yet when it wasn’t causing property damage or injuries, it was among the best phones you could buy. That honor was short-lived.

Where does Samsung go from here? We now have a better idea of the Galaxy Note 8 features thanks to the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus launch. They look and feel like Note phones (read: really big) without that all-important S Pen.

Samsung will build on top of its new all-screen technology, and the Note series will continue to be Samsung’s high-end, at times experimental smartphone.

Samsung is going to announce the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23, according to the official invite sent to the media a month in advance.

When will it actually be in your hands? The company recently hinted at an early September release date in some countries, with others getting it in October.

More specifically we’ve now heard from both an analyst and a South Korean carrier that the Note 8 will hit stores on September 15.

That makes sense, as we’ve become accustomed to seeing a new S Pen-compatible Android phone every autumn.

It also more or less lines up with earlier rumors, as trusted source The Korea Herald has reported the Galaxy Note 8 will come out in August in order to beat the iPhone 8 to market.

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