It seems like the well is running dry right now. Apple has gone longer without a new product announcement than it has since 2010. While it is good to see that the company is spending more time making sure they don’t launch products before they are ready, it sure does make the rest of us antsy. It also opens up tech media to accept any old rumor that passes by. This time, Korean-based ETNews is reporting that Apple is planning on launching a larger sized tablet sometime next year.


According to UnWiredView, the Korean-language blog site has reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook will announce the launch of the so-called iPad “maxi” in 2014. The larger sized tablet will sport a 12.9-inch screen and will be on task to compete with notebook and laptop PCs.

“Apple will actively target 13” ultrabooks and notebooks with the iPad Maxi, providing the device with better portability and battery life, and comparable screen real estate for productivity applications.”

UnWiredView also believes the iPad maxi will target the education market because the 13-inch screen is more suited to replace traditional textbooks.

Personally, I don’t buy a word of it. Sure, tablets are on schedule to replace traditional computers by 2015, but not because they will grow in size. In fact, the 7-inch tablet is more popular than the 10-inch tablet right now. Why would Apple release a larger iPad when the market is obviously moving toward smaller sized tablets.

Additionally, a 13-inch tablet would absolutely cannibalize the company’s own laptop line. Apple would not have put so much money and effort into creating a Retina quality display screen for its 13-inch laptops just to let the tablet market take over a year later.

In my opinion, this iPad maxi rumor is nothing more than a way to generate interest on a very slow news day during Apple’s biggest lull since the iPad first launched three years ago. An iPad maxi is about as believable as a slap wrist iWatch.

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