Samsung Gear S3 frontier Available Now In Samsung Authorised Dealer In Raipur Chhattisgarh


The Samsung Gear S3 frontier combines advanced smartwatch features with an iconic design. The always-on watch face and distinctive steel bezel displays apps and notifications, keeping you connected on the go.

The Gear S3 frontier is the first Samsung smartwatch on the AT&T 4G LTE network.1 Call and text, check and send emails, download apps from the Gear App Store, and more—all from your wrist at 4G LTE speeds.

With NumberSyncSM, you can use your mobile number to make and receive calls on your smartwatch.3 Use the same number your friends and family already know—even if your smartphone isn’t with you or powered on.

The DIRECTV app on the Gear S3 frontier lets you change the channel, open the on-screen guide, and start a recording on your DIRECTV DVR.

With the Digital Life app on the Gear S3 frontier, you can manage your Digital Life system right from your wrist—arm the system and receive alerts.

The Gear S3 frontier has wireless charging built in. Power up by setting it on the included wireless charging dock while at home or work.

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