HTC Bolt : Sprint’s fastest smartphone ever, exclusively at Sprint


Meet HTC Bolt. The metal unibody phone that combines sophisticated style with sound tuned to you. It’s a dramatic evolution of our sculpted by light style that’s also water, splash and dust resistant.* HTC Bolt introduces the world’s 1st USB Type-C dual adaptive earphones that tailors sound to your ears’ unique structure for a truly illuminating audio experience.

HTC Bolt’s display is covered by Corning Gorilla Glass 5. This new glass solution that helps your phone resist life’s inevitable knocks and tumbles. Now dropping your phone while taking selfies doesn’t automatically mean a smashed screen.* While Gorilla Glass 5 is tougher than ever, it doesn’t compromise optical clarity or touch sensitivity. The ultimate combination of drop protection and performance.

HTC Bolt’s metal unibody has been subjected to grueling drop, bend, scratch, submersion, climate and corrosion tests. This phone is water, splash and dust resistant. You’ll enjoy exceptional build quality and style you can take almost anywhere no matter what the weather.

Things are more entertaining on a 5.5” screen. Which makes it easy to enjoy the action and details in your favorite videos even when you’re out on a camping trip. HTC Bolt also has split-screen support,* so you have the space you need to watch movies while multitasking, surfing the web or chatting online with friends.

Incredible moments can happen when you least expect them. HTC Bolt’s 16MP camera has OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) that reduces camera shake capturing sharp photos on the go even in low light.

HTC Bolt’s camera launches quickly to capture fleeting moments in a flash. An ultra-fast autofocus time of up to 0.3 seconds with Phase Detection Auto Focus makes focusing smooth and fast.

Vivid Flash uses a light spectrum closer to that of sunlight, for natural looking photos in low light. Just point, click and smile.

HTC Bolt features Pro mode to giving you professional level control over your photography. Besides the advanced options you’d expect, RAW capture, RAW enhancement and manual control over most camera settings, you have the ability to take photos with long exposure times. Perfect for mastering the motion of light in your photography.

What do you get when you combine a big 8MP sensor and Auto HDR? Great looking selfies anywhere you go, from the top of the mountains to nights out on the town. HTC Bolt features an integrated screen flash for night shots on the go. Plus it brings you a super wide-angle selfie panorama mode – fitting in more people and good times than standard selfies.

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