Introducing the new Samsung Galaxy J7/J5 Prime. It comes with a full HD screen & compact metal design. Not to forget, the S Secure feature which allows you to take control of your security & privacy, and the S Power Planning feature which helps in smarter battery management

Samsung Galaxy J7/J5 Prime In Stock Available In Samsung Authorised Dealer In Raipur Chhattisgarh

Finance facility Available in Authorised Retailer Idris Electronics Raipur


With a full metal body, elegant curved back and strong 2.5 D Gorilla Glass, the Galaxy J7 & J5 Prime pack a premium look in a durable body. A compact design ensures a comfortable grip while a large screen makes viewing more immersive.

With the new innovative S Power Planning, you get a smart battery management system that intuitively understands your needs when you are short or out of battery and allows you to always stay connected. The power is now in your hands.

Our phones are where we store some of our most important and personal information. With S SecureTM, you get a whole new level of mobile security. You can lock and hide specific apps, keep content private & secure and browse worry free on public Wi-Fi.
What’s more, Fingerprint Scanner gives you added security so that when your phone gets passed on, your information doesn’t.

Music, movies, games or browsing, enjoy smooth multi-tasking at 4G speed with a powerful processor and 3 GB RAM.

Save your battery for whats important with Reserve Battery mode. It allows you to keep a certain percentage of battery reserved for calls and messages by shutting down background apps and operations.

Extend battery mode allows you to set 3 different levels by sensing your phone usage patterns. Each level depicts a number of hours until when the phone can stay awake.

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