Google Pixel puts performance over presence

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Underwhelming at first glance, it’s tempting to review the Google Pixel by simply weighing it against its peers. Does it trounce its Nexus relatives, a brand it renders defunct? Does it compare in value to the identically-priced iPhone 7? Let’s put these questions aside and take a close look at the humble Pixel. It embodies a singularly Google approach, injecting much-needed fresh air into the crowded smartphone market.

When it comes to build, the Pixel is minimalist bordering on plain. The glass portion on the upper back of the phone reminds me of an iffy manicure: Glossy lacquer on the tip of an otherwise lackluster appendage.

This 5-inch model is a little on the thick side, a fact which feels exaggerated by the angled bevel of the aluminum frame. It doesn’t fit in my hand as nicely as rounded edges do. From the front, the Pixel looks nearly identical to the iPhone, excepting the home button. The Pixel’s home button is onscreen, leaving the large chin area conspicuously blank.

The speakers/audio are not standouts. The single speaker sounds fuller than some others I’ve heard, but is still just a single speaker. The dedicated headphone jack has two things going for it: 1) it exists and 2) it’s at the top of the phone, which often means easier access than one next to the charging port.

The Pixel and Pixel XL have the same remarkable camera, so there is not too much to say that hasn’t already been included in Will’s review. The camera takes excellent captures, in all types of settings, quickly and with minimal blur. You’d never miss optical image stabilization, a missing bit of technology that seems glaring when looking at a spec sheet alone.

An all-in-one communication tool is not enough: We also want smartphones that guess what makes us happy. Enter Google Assistant, the virtual assistant exclusive to Pixel. Is it smarter than the eponymous Siri? Does it work better than its predecessor, Google Now?

Android Nougat gets a stunningly clean presentation in the Pixel, but it’s not a sparkling, look-at-me type of clean. Its humble and efficient presentation echoes Google’s other interfaces.

An average Android phone might be comparable to the Yahoo homepage, jumbled with bells and whistles and news tickers. Pixel’s Android takes after the Google homepage: Stripped down, with a touch of whimsy to keep things human, but mostly it just works.

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