LG-H818: LG G4 Possible Variant Pops Up And Running Android 5.1

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LG’s latest flagship was nowhere to be seen over the hasty hustle and bustle of Mobile World Congress, with the show going to Samsung’s aluminium-and-glass-constructed Galaxy S6 and S6 edge along with HTC’s not-so-revised One M9.  But LG looks to be hiding quite a surprise under its cloak for the upcoming April event.  That surprise could be something great, like perhaps the new version of Android Lollipop, version 5.1.

According to a shot from MyLGPhones from a browser test, we are looking at some different inner workings than we knew of when we last shared the existence of the possible G4 variant with model number LG-H818.  This device, according to MyLGPhones, is or could be a variant of the G4 bound for Asia, so it’s not all that relevant, but its internals will likely be the same globally, so let’s see what we know, including today’s update to the list.

First, we know the model number.  That’s obvious, but so is the other bit of information we got about the device alongside the model, and that’s the screen resolution.  The LG-H818 is likely to have the same 2560 by 1440 pixel QuadHD display as last year’s G3 flagship, with some new internals to boost the performance of that now-not-so-beastly screen resolution.  What we learned today is that the device did very well on an HTML5 test for Chrome browser version 38.  It got a 510 out of 555, and that’s while being powered by none other than Android Lollipop, version 5.1, build number LMY29F.  That alone should be great news, with the latest device coming with the latest version or update of Android, right?  Well, that might actually be the key.

LG didn’t rush out the G3 last year, and they reportedly withheld from showing anything G4-related during Mobile World Congress just to be sure they held enough of the press’ spotlight and attention for their latest device.  This means that the G4 could see another May release, or anytime between now and May honestly.  But, knowing that the Galaxy S6 siblings, as well as the One M9, will have to wait to get updated to the latest bug-fixing version of Lollipop while the G4 will ship with and come out of the box running, does that make the G4 any more worth waiting for? Or was Mobile World Congress’ glitz and glam enough to win the consumers’ hearts, minds, and pocket money?  Which device will you be getting if you’re in the market for a smartphone this year?  Will the G4 be enough of a change this year to warrant people’s time and upgrades?

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