Samsung Galaxy S6 : Meet the smartphone to beat in 2015

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The Galaxy S6 edge’s curved display contours perfectly to the hand. In fact, your thumb can reach further across the phone’s 5.1-inch display as a result of the curves.

And speaking of the display, the quad HD Super AMOLED screen on the Galaxy S6 edge is positively gorgeous. It’s exactly what we have come to expect from a Samsung display. The pixel density comes in at a shocking 577 ppi, and I’m not sure we’ll see a better screen on a smartphone all year.

At least, not until the Galaxy Note 5 debuts this fall.

The curved sides of the screen still provide a few additional functions that the standard S6’s display doesn’t support, but the separate pane we see on the Note Edge is gone. You can still use the sides as a night clock and they still support that embarrassingly awkward rub-to-wake gesture, but the rest of the features from the Note Edge are gone.

There is one cool new function to speak of, though. Sliding your finger inward from the edge of the screen on a specific point opens an overlay with your favorite contacts. Each of those contacts is also assigned a unique color, and when one of those contacts calls you while your phone is face down, the curved sides of the screen will glow with that contact’s color.

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