The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a thing of beauty, a complete redesign that really works, but blended with large swathes of power once again

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Smartphones stopped needing more power a long, long time ago – arguably we could have called it quits with 2013’s specs and spent the following months optimising them to allow days-long battery.


Samsung’s gone bold with this design in more than one way. It’s got rid of two of the staples that users have loved for years: the microSD slot has been removed and the battery is locked in.

The reasoning behind this is sound: Samsung tells me the former is to improve performance and speed (something the S5 struggled with terribly as it aged) and the latter is clearly to allow for a unibody design.

I’m behind the loss of the removable battery – after all, it’s easier to carry a battery pack than shell out for a replacement power unit – but the microSD card disappearance is a shame. I appreciate the quest for a better performance, and perhaps it will turn out to be up there with the iPhone when my full Galaxy S6 review comes out, but other Android phones seem to manage to tick along just fine with expandable storage.

Samsung is offering the S6 in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB flavours to compensate, but those latter options are likely to be pretty expensive.

I’m hugely impressed with the way Samsung has put this phone together though – it’s managed the incredible feat of bringing the best screen on the market (the brand’s words, although the combination of QHD resolution and a 5.1-inch display with Super AMOLED technology means I’m inclined to agree) in a package that’s barely larger than the iPhone 6.


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