LG G Watch R is definitely a huge leap forward, It’s a big device though, and will dwarf even the largest wrists.

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The round, 1.6-inch 320 x 320 face is set well into a strong-looking bezel, making the watch look far more like a standard timepiece than most of the Android Wear on the market.

It’s going to be a real rival to the Moto 360, which is the only other round Android Wear device, but LG has taken things further by making the display completely rounded, without being slightly cut off at the bottom.

There’s no getting away from it: the G Watch R is the best-looking smartwatch created yet, namely because it actually mimics a standard diving-style watch.

It even goes as far as having a numbered bezel and winding key on the side – however, these are largely for show as the bezel doesn’t move and thee winder is actually a power button.

On the plus side, LG has finally put a power key on a smartwatch. The fact you couldn’t turn the G Watch back on once turned off (without the charger) beggared belief.

But the LG G Watch R is definitely a huge leap forward. It’s a big device though, and will dwarf even the largest wrists. I don’t subscribe to the theory that this ‘isn’t for girls’, as a larger watch can be as much of a fashion statement for either gender, but if someone prefers sleek and slender devices then they probably won’t enjoy the G Watch R.

It’s not cumbersome at all though and fits securely on the wrist. The first model will come with a calf leather strap in the box, and although this has a premium quality to it, it doesn’t feel brilliant when you’re trying to slip it on. Perhaps the leather just needs to wear in.

The better news is that, like so many smartwatches, you can switch it out for a standard strap with ease, so you can change the look of the watch easily.

LG has worked hard on bringing a number of faces to the G Watch R at launch, meaning you’ll get a lot of choice from being able to track the lunar cycles to a hiking face that will tell you the altitude of wherever you are.

Again, it’s clear here that LG is all about making the smartwatch look as much like a standard device as possible – and to its credit, its mostly managed it.

The screen hits a fairly bright 300 nits of brightness, and more importantly (thanks to the fact it’s based on a plastic OLED) it only draws 10% of the full power when in standby mode.

This lower power mode will be very much needed if you’re to get the full two day battery life LG is promising on the new G Watch, as it’s got a lot going on under the hood that needs juice.

It’s a shame that the battery life isn’t longer than two days, as I’m still looking for at least a week with these devices before I need to charge again, and you have to use a charging cradle again here. The reason is simple: adding in wireless charging or a microUSB slot would just take too much space, and the brand has been working hard to keep the new G Watch R as slim as possible.

It is a 410mAh option however, so that’s at least a decent slug of power you can draw upon.

The interface hasn’t overly changed since the introduction of Android Wear, and unlike Sony, there’s not been a lot of customisation on offer beyond the standard faces.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. While it’s hard to really point to a really compelling reason to buy an Android Wear device, at least the things you can do are consistent and Google Now is increasing in power all the time.

The round face is easy to tap and swipe through, something I was worried about, and the rounded display is really visible too. It will be interesting to see how other apps perform on it. However, it’s not that much different to a square display, so will probably be fairly easy to code for.

The other big change for LG is the addition of a heart rate monitor, which will be really useful for running or training over hills. The watch is IP67 rated as well, meaning you can throw it in a river and then onto the sand and it will keep on ticking.

Well, it won’t, as it has no moving parts inside, but you catch my drift.

I’m really excited to see what Android Wear offers to the fitness market, as it could be a really compelling option with the power of a smartphone and glut of apps to take advantage.

To that end, I was sad to note there was no GPS on board, but LG told me that this was down to a lack of support from Google, and the sheer point of making space and battery life for such a sensor.

There was almost an element of surprise that the question was asked, but given Sony added the same thing in, it was strange to see it omitted.

The LG G Watch also has the same specs you’d expect from such a watch: Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 CPU, 4GB of onboard storage, 512MB RAM and Bluetooth 4.0 to allow everything to chat to one another with no problem.

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