Your picture is trying to tell you something. Sound & Shot on the Galaxy S 4 lets you record while you capture.


Discover everything you need to know to get started with your Samsung Galaxy S 4 with these helpful tips and tricks. Learn how to Air Browse with hand gestures, utilize multiple windows at the same time, operate Samsung Hub and so much more.


Air Gestures

Wave your hand over the screen whenever you see the Air gesture indicator in the status bar to activate features such as:

  • Quick glance: Get a peek at time, battery status, missed calls, and more when the screen is inactive.
  • Air scroll: Scroll to the top or bottom of a list.
  • Air browse: Move to the previous or next item of content.
  • Air move: Move an item to another page on the Home or menu screen.
  • Air call-accept: Accept an incoming call.



The easy-to-use interface in the camera includes automatic modes that help you take the perfect picture every time. Choose from Auto, Beauty face, Best photo, Drama, Best face, Eraser, Panorama, Rich Tone HDR, Night, Sound and Shot, Animated Photo or Sports. In Carousel display mode, you can see descriptions of each mode so you can choose the right one. 


Group Play

You don’t even need to be on the same Wi-Fi network, because Group Play lets you create your own hotspot for spur-of-the-moment meet-ups.


Home Screen Mode

Select the Home screen mode that best fits your personality. Basic mode displays the conventional layout for apps and widgets, while Easy mode provides a simplified Home screen experience for first-time smartphone owners.

  • To change to Easy mode, touch Apps > Settings and touch the My device tab.
  • Touch Home screen mode and select Easy mode (Starter mode) > Apply.
  • The Home screen is reconfigured with a simple layout.


Multi Window

Activate Multi Window by touching and holding the Back key. From the tray, drag an app icon onto the screen to open it. To open a second app, drag it over the open app and drop it in the right or left side of the split-screen display. Resize the app windows by dragging the slider bar between them. Touch and hold the slider bar to see icons that let you switch the two screens or open one of the apps in full screen. While Multi Window is active, you can open the tray at any time by touching the blue tab on the side of the screen.



With the extended capabilities of SAFE devices, you can set your out-of-office message right from your device to let your colleagues know you are on vacation and offer alternative contact info.



Setting up WatchON is easy; you just need your ZIP code, the name of your television service provider, and the brand of your television set to start controlling your TV from your phone. Touch Apps > WatchON to get started.


Smart Gestures

In addition to the Air View and Air Gesture capabilities, you can also control the Galaxy S 4 through physical motions. For instance, lift the phone to your ear to dial the contact currently displayed on the screen, or cover the display with your hand to mute/pause any playing sounds. Enable Smart Gestures in Settings > Motions and gestures.


S Translator

Quickly translate typed or spoken phrases in nine languages, and hear the translations aloud. View a list of common phrases by category, such as greetings, business, emergencies, and transportation. Touch Apps > Translator.


Samsung Hub

Samsung Hub combines previous Samsung storefronts—such as Media Hub, Music Hub, Games Hub, and Readers Hub—into a single store with single sign-on through Samsung Account.

  1. Touch Apps > Samsung Hub.
  2. Touch Music, Video, Books, or Games to browse available titles or swipe right and left to view the main page for each type of content.
  3. Touch the Search icon to search for specific titles.
  4. When you see something you want to download, touch Buy (for paid items) or Download (for free items).
  5. Select Register credit card.
  6. Enter credit card credentials and touch Register.
  7. The credit card appears as a payment method. Touch the name of the credit card and then touch Pay.
  8. Touch Download.
  9. You can also pay with a gift card. At the payment page, select Gift cards and coupons and follow the prompts.
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