How to Solve the Common HTC One Problems

With a 4.7-inch 1080×1920 pixels display, a sleek aluminum body, dual frontal stereo speakers and many other highlights, HTC One sold 1.2 million units in May, doubled up compared to April. Although the sale’s numbers are still high, many HTC One owners have reported some common problems, some of which are similar to the issues seen on the Galaxy S4. We have collected the most common HTC One problems from different forums, and listed relevant solutions here.


•  HTC One Home or Back Buttons Response Issue

An owner reported in the Sprint Community that the home or back button of his new HTC One sometimes stop responding. From the owner’s point of view, this should not happen to a $500 device, but everybody knows that every smartphone has its flaws.  What you can do is to check the calibration on your phone and see if this would work. You can follow these steps:

1. Settings => Language & Keyboard => HTC Sense Input => Advanced => Calibration Tool, use a very light touch to calibrate. You might find the home and back button responding better this way.

2. Another way is to tap lock and unlock, or tap on the screen, then try the keys again. The buttons might be more responsive.

3. You can also go to Setting => Sound to turn on Vibrate Feedback to make sure you touch the buttons correctly and precisely.


•  Longer Charging Time Problem

Although HTC One has a 2,300mAh battery, some owners complains about the long charging time which can last up to four hours or longer. If this happens to your phone, then you can check out these tips.

1. If you are charging your HTC One via USB ports, then it will take longer, because USB ports are designed for file transferring and not charging.

2. Try with another HTC One charger to check if there is something wrong with your old charger.

3. Disable apps when you are charging, because the less applications that are running, the faster the phone will charge.

4. Turn the screen brightness to 0%, then it will charge faster. .

•  HTC One Fast Battery Drain Issue

Besides the charging time issues, HTC One owners have also reported that HTC One batteriesdrains really fast. Someone posted in the Androidcentral forum that his HTC One battery drained from 10% to 2% in 30 seconds. He solved the issue by disabling the fast boot on his phone. If this does not help, then you can try the following settings.

1. Disable apps you don’t need, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, etc.

2. Adjust the screen brightness to a low level, and reduce the screen timeout duration.

•  HTC One Lag or Freeze Issue

If there are many apps running in the background, the HTC One might start lagging. This is a very common issue, especially to those who don’t reboot their phones daily. The solution to this might be to close the apps running in the background to optimize the device’s performance. However, if there is an unstable application, HTC One may keep freezing. Many owners reported they experienced this freezing issue after installing a new application. So the easiest way to solve this issue is to uninstall that app.

•  Low Internal Memory Problem

HTC One suffers a low internal memory, just like the Galaxy S4’s, which makes you unable to install new apps. Considering HTC One as the flagship handset, you might be disappointed with this problem. However, this is easily solvable with a proper management of files and apps.

1. Uninstall the apps that you are not using.

2. Clear the cache of large apps on your HTC One.

3. If you’re on Sprint, the carrier offers a tool to determine the amount of storage memory left in your device using the Sprint Zone application.

There are still many other HTC One issues but it is hard to list them all. So, if you have encountered any other issues that are not mentioned above, then please leave your comments below. We will do everything we can to find the best solutions for you. If you have found any other or better solutions, then please share your experiences with us.

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