With Samsung Sound AliveTM and Dolby Sound Effect of ‪‎GALAXY Tab3‬, don’t miss a movie’s punch line or lyric of the song

The Smartest Screen Ever


Samsung’s new GALAXY Tab 3 (20.32 cms) introduces Tab portability with even powerful performance! At an unprecedented thin 7.4mm and light 316g even with a wide screen, you’ll love having your Tab while enjoying entertainment in hand wherever you go thanks to a variety of apps! Also H/W keys makes you do any entertainment seamlessly. So whether you’re multi-tasking, media watching or exploring apps, this Tab takes pure performance pleasure to a whole new level!

Best-in-class Portability with slim&light design


Outstanding thin with a wide screen, the GALAXY Tab 3 8.0’s dimensions have been calibrated to offer the best grip with smart usability so you feel secure taking your Tab with you everywhere. Just grab it and go! The slimmer bezel ensures screen space is maximised for your entertainment as well as the convenient always-ready functional H/W keys, which offer a comfortable smartphone-like experience.

Amplified Performance with powerful functions


You’ll experience no lag with the powerful 1.5GHz Dual Core Processor and generous 1.5GB RAM. Multi-task without hesitation! To maximise powerful experience, the brilliant display offers WXGA resolution for eye-popping colour and crystal clear clarity. Also Samsung Sound AliveTM and Dolby Sound Effect produce superior sound so dialogue is clear, volume levels are consistent and music playback is majestic. You can get the unbelievable performance even without compromising slim & light design. so you don’t miss a scene while you get some work done!

Perfect Multimedia Experience with Smart usability


This Tab has everything you need to enjoy your multimedia experience! Reading Mode automatically adjusts the screen to optimal levels to prevent eye strain when reading for prolonged periods of time. To make multi-tasking even easier, there’s Dual View, which lets you view 2 screens at the same time, so no need to switch back and forth, just get a full view with one glance. Pop-up Video lets you get small tasks done while you watch a movie. A small screen pops up so you don’t miss a scene while you get some work done! Group Play makes each user within a group easily share and create contents.

Perfect Multimedia Experience with Smart usability

Let’s have Samsung’s exclusive convenient and exciting entertaining applications which you can enjoy with 8.0 wide screen. WatchON is available to get a search result and recommendation of the program for TV, VOD and Web video t a glance on Tab and get a bigger screen on TV with just one click. Story Album with 8.0 wide screen makes you have a better experience to edit for your own album. Even no more separate routes for music, movie and game with even complicated UX.. Just one spot with magazine style UX through Samsung Hub makes you search and choose contents easier and more intuitively.
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