iPad mini 2 final design leaked

We just received an image in our inbox from a tipster and they have sent us a photo that looks remarkably like the expected iPad mini 2 design seen in previous leaks. This photo can be seen below and is the clearest leak to date, although we would expect the final design to show up around now as it has in previous years.


While the iPad 5 is expected to become much thinner and could even include an edge-to-edge display, we believe this photo is for an iPad mini 2. The bezel on the current iPad mini was a vast improvement on any full sized iPad, so it seems natural to move towards an edge-to-edge display with the iPad mini 2 and we really like what we see in this photo.

This is what our tipster said, “It would appear to be a potential iPad mini 2, and it’s not even been uploaded for 24 hours yet. I have studied it closely and I don’t think it is a shopped image, I have performed a reverse image lookup on the image and it has never been posted online before this and there is nothing even close.

As you can see the screen on the device goes very close to the edge of the device unlike the present iPad mini. I can’t work out what the object in the bottom right of the screen is, but I think we can probably presume the object in the top left is a simple stand but I don’t know if it’s a present stand or pre-release”.

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