Dual SIM Always On of ‎Samsung‬ ‪GALAXY Mega 5‬.8 ensures you’re always connected & reachable for both work and family!


Stay Smart, Live Large

• Mega-Sized Portability
• The Mega UX takes full advantage of the large display
• Fun, Smart and Convenient
• More Ways to Connect and Share

Samsung’s newest GALAXY Mega delivers a mobile experience that is larger than life! By all intents and purposes, it is a smartphone, with fully equipped mobile connectivity and the size that fits comfortably in your palm, but with its clear, large screen, you can take a full advantage of the Tablet UX without being burdened by its size. It comes with full of smart services and enhanced features that gives you fun, smart, and convenient mobile life! Stay smart, and live large with GALAXY Mega!

Mega-Sized Portability


The majestically wide screen showcases your visual contents beautifully, while still being portable enough to take on the road with you. Enjoy all the capabilities of calling that are limited in the tablet form, plus enjoy a host of new features including the convenient Mega UX, which helps maximise productivity on the larger screen.

The Mega UX takes full advantage of the large display


Feast your eyes on this mobile’s mega-sized screen! The ideal viewing medium for photos and videos, the mobile remains optimally sized for portability as well as taking phone calls. The Mega UX takes full advantage of the large display, with multi-window capability that splits screen for different applications. See more of your mobile world with Samsung’s GALAXY Mega!

Various camera modes are supported to take sophisticated and customised photos


  • GALAXY MEGA features various camera modes for fun picture taking with high quality (8MP AF + 1.9MP) Camera
  • Supported Camera Mode (8EA): Auto, Beauty face, Best face, Continuous shot, Best photo, Sound & Shot, Panorama, Sports.

Dual SIM doubles convenience with access to 2 phone numbers


Dual SIM Always On ensures you’re always connected and reachable at all times for that crucial business deal or family emergency – don’t miss important calls. Whether you want to organise your professional life separately from personal matters, pop in a local SIM card when travelling abroad to avoid roaming charges, or simply want to economise by taking advantage of preferred pricing plans, your Dual SIM multiplies your options and gives you greater flexibility, freedom and control over your life.

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