Lighter iPad mini with upgraded specs expected to release around the holiday season

A new report has surfaced, claiming that Apple will release a new iPad mini around the holiday season that will have upgraded specs but not the much rumored Retina display.
This particular report comes from Digitimes, which has a hit or miss record when it comes to market rumors. The report does not list the spec changes, but if one were to guess, we may very well see an upgraded processor, RAM and both front and rear facing cameras. It is said that the updated iPad mini will be released in the second half of 2013, quite possibly around the holiday season.


It is also possible that Apple may reduce the price of iPad mini. This would further strengthen the device’s position against the barrage of low cost Android tablets that hold much of the mid-range tablet market share. As far as the release is concerned, an exact month or data have not been provided as yet. Apple itself is yet to make an announcement regarding an imminent release of the next iPad mini.


We recently reported that the Retina display touting iPad mini had apparently been delayed till 2014. Today’s report lines up with that, Apple is said to ramp up production of this particular tablet towards the end of 2013. The launch itself isn’t expected until 2014. It is likely to have a 2048×1536 pixel Retina display along with a bezel-less design, which would provide for a much bigger viewing area.

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