Facebook Home is coming to BlackBerry!


Toting one of BlackBerry’s new BlackBerry 10 beauties? Fancy some Facebook Home action? You might be in luck when BlackBerry 10.2 rolls around to your handset, as it looks like you’ll be able to run Facebook’s clever Android launcher on your Q10 or Z10! Are you ready for Chat Heads on your BlackBerry?

The folks over at Crackberry have spotted a video of a BlackBerry user by the name of Kris playing around with a leaked build of BlackBerry 10.2 on his Q10 – the OS build to be exact – which boasts Android 4.2.2 skills built in, meaning your phone will be soon be able to run a whole host of different Android apps without any tweaking, including Facebook Home.

Sorry BlackBerry PlayBook: No BlackBerry 10 update for you!

The social networking giant’s Android app makes Facebook a prime part of your phone, featuring full screen photos, updates and more right on your homescreen, as well as messaging addition, Chat Heads. Facebook Home has not been released for BlackBerry, but as Kris demonstrates in the video, the app works as smooth as butter and can even launch other Android apps like Candy Crush Saga. BlackBerry 10 already boasts a bevy of social networking smarts, but Facebook Home could open up another way for you to chat with your friends – and even if Facebook doesn’t officially release a version for the new platform (it’s still only available on a few Samsung and HTC Android phones), it looks like you’ll seen be able to take it for a spin regardless. We can’t wait.

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