Apple iPad Mini with high-resolution Retina display delayed to 2014

A new report spells that the iPad Mini 2 with a high-resolution Retina display may have been delayed until 2014, citing production and yield issues with the Retina panels.


They reports that Apple may be forced to delay the introduction of a new iPad Mini (2) to 2014. Such a set back might occur due to production woes and poor yields of high-resolution Retina displays, with panel size being 7.9-inches.

The original iPad Mini was launched on the 23rd of October, 2012. We originally thought that Apple might announce the improved iPad Mini 2 on the same date to mark its anniversary, but the new report now puts that under question. The same report also says that Apple is preparing multiple models of the iPad Mini tablet, one with the Retina display and the other with a low-resolution (probably the same display as now) panel which will sell for a lower price. With the Cupertino company’s undeniable push towards “budget” phones, could a ” budget” iPad Mini be also headed our way? For that matter, a “budget” iPad as well? Only time will tell.

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