It’s a colourful world. Nokia 501 live @ IDRIS ELECTRONICS RAIPUR


Nokia Asha 501 is a new Amzing, impressive eyecatching, smooth Product of Nokia. Its a light, much wider and a nice look, fully touch smartphone. This is the first Smartphone of Asha series with fast 1 GHz processor that are capable to give fast processing speed. Very soon Nokia Asha 501 will be available in the maket in affortable price.
Nokia is a countable Mobile manufacturer company from last 4,5 years, but know its position goes Down due to present of Android Operating System. Android OS is developed By Google, and its free aand open source. Android have its own playstore in which many Application and Games can be forund for Downloading. Its an Open source so daily new games are created. Android Have its different version. But latest Version is Android Jelly Beans.
Recently Nokia announced its new smart product Nokia Asha 501, that comes with new great interface and some new features than other Nokia Phone in this range. It will be available very soon in the market for selling. It has small size but much wider and a great eye catching look. Its available in different colors.
The Nokia Asha 501 comes with new look, design and quality that will be accessible to more people. This Mobile is available in six striking colours that complement the elegant design. It comes in just two parts tht is a durable, removable casing and the scratch-resistant glass display, which features a 3-inch display, capacitive touchscreen and a ‘back’ button. Its a compact new product of Asha weight only 98 grams, for the ultimate user portability.

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